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Honey, I see pink Porsches! Chris Labrooy’s latest works


Un peu d’art dans ce monde de brutes…vous avez du voir ces porsches étranges, et originales!


Do you ever feel as though wherever you look there’s a Porsche 911? Now the ubiquitous classic is making its presence felt in the art world – these quirky renderings are the latest work of UK-based artist Chris Labrooy…

Teutonic talent

Chris Labrooy must be a serious classic car enthusiast to choose the classic Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS as the subject for his latest work. But these are ‘Ducktails’ as you’ve never seen them before. The series of computer-generated renderings are part of Labrooy’s ‘Auto Elasticity’ series, in which he treats the car in a completely unconventional and creative way – have you ever seen a Porsche hopping forwards and backwards on its rear bumper in real life?