ou know how it goes, when you find yourself in someone’s neck-of-the-woods and you can’t help but pop in unannounced for a 5 minute pitstop just to say hello. Somehow that 5 minutes turns into 30 and then, before you know it, its been an hour or more?

Well thats just what happened, one fine day a few weeks ago, when we were in Anaheim dropping off a motorcycle part at a machine shop just around the corner from Benton Performance.

John Benton works on old Porsches and is THE DUDE for 912 tuning at his shop in Anaheim California. He and his loyal crew of specialist at Benton Performance have single handedly turned Zuffenhausen’s air-cooled flat four cylinder engine motorcar into being regarded as a sexy beast in its own right, not merely the “kid brother” in the shadow of the ever beloved six-cylinder 911, at least not after John and the crew have their way with one. Of course, Benton Performance knows their way around those too, not to mention 356s, one of which John races in the tempestuous La Carrera Panamericana. Benton has the magic touch, from full restorations to fine-tuning distributors to twin spark conversions to performance exhausts to… you get the idea.  But don’t take our word for it, let the full garage and lot of loyal customer’s cars waiting their turn on the car lift do the talking!

It’s no surprise that some of our favorite cars at the Luftgekühlt shows over the years have been Benton Built. “The Beater”, comes to mind. Kevin Lynch’s bahama yellow “Bahammer”. The list goes on and on, and we are excited to see what his crew will bring out the Luftgekühlt 4 event coming up on May 7th. Tickets to the show are now available on

Huge thanks to the guys for taking the time to show us around the shop!

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