Luftgekühlt 4, A Celebration Of The Air-Cooled Porsche

As you likely know by know, Luftgekühlt was yesterday—it’s fitting that such an event would be held on the holiest of the week’s days—and though we skipped out on church on Sunday, there were no shortages of “holy shit” moments at the fourth edition of the Porsche gathering that’s already become one of best days to revel in all things air-cooled.

After you accept the fact that yes, you really are standing next to a Gulf 917’s flat-12 as you peer through the thick crowd at Kremer’s Le Mans-winning K3, it stops feeling silly to worship metal and fiberglass. These cars are mythical beings, and Luftgekühlt lets you literally walk among them. From rally/raid-prepped 959s wearing Rothmans, rock chips, and three-decades-old dirt to the winningest of the last of ….

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