For Sale… Built in ’66, ’67 model year Porsche 912

Used to be owned by my Father 25 years ago, he sold it to his Customer… on Feb.14,2000 my Father rebuilt the engine, it now has roughly 30k miles on that rebuild. Shift linkage was just rebuilt,along with Carbs and Generator. It is a Good Driver again !

Dad has put roughly 170 miles on it fine tuning it . He just took it to the car wash and cleaned off engine and entire car and it cleaned up very nice.

I can’t say enough about how nice of a Tub this car is… and pretty dam Original, it has one respray of Polo Red many years ago. Seats and Radio later but everything else OG.

All jams and engine compartment and under front hood are Original Paint, doors shut very nice . Very little rust, and I do mean really very Very little .

Really a Great Patina’d look and get in and Drive it !

Pile of old Paperwork and receipts and Dads receipt for engine job and 3 other major receipts for work Dad did shortly there after .

Original Owners Manual and Amco accessory bumper bars front and rear.

Calif. Black Plates doesn’t get any better !


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