Beautiful Silkscreens Merge Design, Ability, and Love

By Petrolicious Productions03 September 2014

« We recently discovered artist, designer, and vintage auto enthusiast Mr. Antoine Gaslais and his handcrafted silkscreens. Born in France in 1975, he moved to Paris to study art in Penninghen School, then Maryse Eloy School where he graduated with honors. Following his graduation, Antoine immediately joined a production company as an art director, working primarily in the medium of music publishing. In 2001, he joined and edited the designers collective 21X29,7 and developed it over seven years. In 2008, he left the group and began handcrafting silkscreens while remaining a freelance art director. Always fascinated by cars, but also aircraft and motorcycles, he works for the promotion and preservation of historic vehicles through his association with the 912Club. »


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