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This Hot Rod Porsche 912 Is Patina Purebred Sports Coupe

Un petit article agrémenté d’une vidéo sur cette 66″ patina.


« Rick Becker is a staunch proponent of the 912 and 912E for members of the Porsche Club of America. He bought this one back in 1977 when he was fresh out of school, and he’s completely fallen head over heels for them. Even in the time that I’ve had my 912E, Rick has helped to integrate my car into the registry and tries to keep everyone apprised of various 912-related goings on in the community. He is perhaps best described as the patriarch of 912s, and of the two he owns (this one and a soft-window Targa), this one is my favorite. His « Mutt » is a 1966 912 that has been slowly modified over the years to be a proper little hot rod machine, while maintaining a thoroughly patina’d look that really wins big in my book.  »

Bonne lecture .