Porsche 912 is no longer the brand’s black sheep

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« If you haven’t looked recently, prices for many vintage Porsche 911s are now well out of the realm for mortal men to purchase. However, the growing values have their advantages because they mean that the 912 is being better accepted as a member of the Porsche family. In a new video, Petrolicious talks to one owner about his mildly modified example while the coupe zips through the backroads and city streets of France. »


« Following two massive changes to his life, Julien Borne bought a 1967 912 as a project to get back on the road. After hours of welding, wrenching and beating out panels by hand in his grandparents’ neglected country house, he crafted this gorgeous example. Check out the video to hear his story, as Petrolicious shows why the model’s stigma is wearing off. »

Source: http://www.autoblog.com/2014/12/11/porsche-912-petrolicious-video/


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