La Yellow & 912Club

« I have always devoted a passion for just about everything that rolls or flies. Two brands have always been dear to me: Volkswagen and Porsche. I started to be interested in Vw websites and blogs a few years ago.

At the bend of a specialized blog, it is electroshock. I discovered that there is a rare model, at the crossroads between a Bug and a Porsche 911: the 912. I spent the next three years to document and discover this car before buying one in August 2011. It is a 1967 imported from California. It has some options such as chrome-plated steel rims, five counters, headrests and a five-speed gearbox.

At that time there are few who are interested in this model.

I started to find some parts on internet to put the machine on the road again. In 2011 the Porsche community is divided into 2 categories: those who do not know the model and those who denigrate it. In January 2013 the decision is made with Julien Borne to create a club dedicated to the 912 to reunite the community. This was born the 912Club. »

La Yellow & 912Club

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