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 On parlait du 912 club outre Manche…

Porsche 912

« The cult of the Porsche 912 is an understated, gentlemanly creed. It’s for sensible folk, the sort who understand the imperatives of efficiency without throwing the baby out with the bath water. »

« Thing is, these flat 4, Karmann built versions of the much pricier and fickle automotive totem are a truly accessible way in to classic car ownership. And if you scour the planet with a digital eye you can usually pick out a project get: like the ones owned by Gentleman car dealer Dodi over in Monterey. »

« Dodi has a particularly nice, particularly scarce 1966 version that all discerning 912 buffs should check out. And with the sort of fuel efficiency that engine produces, you could easily use one of these as your daily drive. »

« Found a nice piece of graphic here too, on Le Container – Looks like the912 club of France is having a little gathering this weekend. »






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