« We have slowly introduced Project 4 Banger to you over the last few months and at long last, after a huge pile of procrastination, we are rolling with the work that she has been crying out for. As a quick recap, the little short wheel base 1968 Porsche 912 first came into my life just over eight years ago. At the time I was happily bumbling around Warwickshire in a 1961 double door split-screen Volkswagen campervan, which although being very cool and surprisingly fast (it was the quickest Type2 VW in the UK at the time), was knocked square off the park one Sunday morning. I popped down to Wembley in North London, for one of the famous cool car/swap meet days at the Ace Cafe in the Van and spied the little porker as soon as we rocked up. »



« Then the US spec side reflectors that had bugged me from day one went in for the chop… »

« After just over a week of work with the team at MSW, Project 4 Banger was back on the drive way at my house and having a thorough check over from Porschephile himself… Max McGovern (my youngest). General consensus was the work was superb and the next step in the process was due. »


« And here she is… Work has already started and the team at XService in Dubai are getting well stuck in. David Tyrell from House of Cars will be project managing the build for us, so gladly she is in good hands.

We will be taking you through a step by step build as it progresses, so keep checking back to see the project unfold. The final look and feel has been pretty much settled on and will be a welcome and massive change from it’s current guise. »

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