This 1968 Porsche 912 Needs A Home

1968 Porsche 912« From Mike N – I bought this car from a long time Porsche racer, collector and I guess “hoarder”. I used to go to his farm and look around the barns. He has skeletons of all sort of Porsches lying around. I made a commitment years ago to buy the 912 for my own collection of Porsches. Time went on and the car stayed there until I got a call that the car had to be moved out of the barn. When I got there I noticed that all the skeletons of early 9112, 912, and 356s had been removed. I asked the owner about the cars and the cars and he said that they were bought up by two guys. Luckily my 912 was still there untouched. We had to drag the car out about 150 ft with a chain hooked to a big JD tractor as we could not get the car to budge under “human power. One front brake was seized from sitting all those years. It was not until the car was towed up the ramp of the car trailer that the wheel caliper got unstuck. Great news for unloading the car. The car was towed and placed in a dry storage unit with all the dust from all the years in the barn. It is still in “barn find condition”. I have decided to let this one go as I have several very near finished cars that I need to complete and just don’t have the time to work on. »


Porsche 912 Project« The car has very serious rust, but these early Porsches have taken off lately and may be of interest to someone. I have followed resurrections of cars worse than this with lots of parts missing. Sheet metal is now readily available for these bodies. This car shows evidence of old repair behind the doors and jack spurs, but the most appealing thing is that the car is not dismantled and in boxes. It is missing a motor but the gearbox is there. Interior looks complete…but again it will need to be refurbished. This car can only be repaired by skilled auto body welder or highly competent weekend warrior. Original wheels are not included. It will come with the cookie cutters as shown in the picture. No tools or books included. Original color was champagne yellow a very rare color. Someone ought to restore this early 912. It would make a great rally car, 911R, 911 powered 912 or a glorious 912. Car can be seen by appointment. It is located in CT. I am asking $9,900.00 for the car as is. Here is a link to an album for additional pictures »


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