Porsche paint restoration.

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« While enjoying a long Thanksgiving weekend here at Garage Woolery, we decided to restore the ~30 year old paintjob on the 1966 Porsche 912.  The paint was very worn and oxidized when we found this car earlier this year, so we learned how to freshen it up….

The first thing we did was wet sand the car using 2000 grit sandpaper, both with an air powered rotary tool and by hand.  This is necessary to remove all the oxidation and worn paint, and bring the fresh paint hiding underneath to the surface.  At this stage, the paint looks worse than before, but this is because we’ve essentially sanded it down past the oxidation layers.  We’ll have to bring the shine back now. »

The car after being completely sanded with 200 grit sandpaper






Prior to paint restoration, we didn’t see any reflections in the paint. Looks great now!

We discovered that our “grey” Porsche was actually a gunmetal color, with hints of bronze when hit with the right light!





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