TC 912

⏱ So funny the path life can take you. Three years ago today, when a I was still living in Ohio and primarily filming electronic music, I put up this little 912 video on instagram and found this @bentonperformance guy was all over the #porsche912 hashtag. His shop looked pretty cool so I messaged him and said, hey, would love to work with you at some point. His reply was, well, you should probably come to Mexico for this vintage road race, the @lacarrerapanamericana – Initially I thought he was crazy but after a few phone calls we met John in Veracruz and filmed an entire documentary on the race. So many things for me can be traced back to this little 912 video- The La Carrera, nearly 60 episodes of @petrolicious, things we shot in Europe this past summer; it's amazing that it may never have been had it not been for meeting John and bonding over 912s. The universe is funny and works in mysterious ways, if you let it! – @jeremyheslup

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