One of the first 1965 Porsche 912’s in Champagne Yellow 6405 with Black Leatherette Interior. Production date 16/07/1965 912 Karmann Coupe, according to the certificate of authenticity this is an all matching numbers car.

The first 912’s had painted dashboards the same colour as the exterior of car, thus creating what is now referred to as a “painted dash” 912.  (In actuality, the dashboards of all early 9-series Porsches were painted the same colour as the exterior, but as a cost cutting measure, the first 912s were then not given the additional layer of anti-glare matte black paint and strip of teak wood trim that came standard on the 911.)  The first 912’s  also had the 4 screw hole horn grilles.

Has almost all of its original features such as: squared off lower dash pad, unusual horn air cleaners, painted dash, Solex Carburators, steel wheels, steering wheel (missing horn pad), and 1965 paint code. There are some paint bubbles in various spots but body is very solid and ready for a great restoration. The engine starts.  This is a great opportunity to own a very rare classic Porsche.

The chrome work on the car is superb with everything attached, opening front ¼ light windows. The interior is all complete and also in very good condition. The car is authentic with a black interior and matching numbers engine.


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